About Us

Hi! 👋

Welcome to Hera Hockey. We’re so glad you’re here.

We're Darryl and Blake, a father-daughter duo who created Hera Hockey in late 2020. We both love hockey. Blake plays U13A and Darryl has played his whole life and now helps coach her little sister too!

Here's a pic of us at our last tourney pre-COVID in Feb 2020.

We were talking about how hard it was to find good clothes for girls who play and love hockey, so my wife / Blake’s Mom said “Why don’t you just start a clothing line with nice designs that Blake would want to wear (and her little sister too!)”

🎉 Fast forward a few months and Hera Hockey was born. 🏒

It has been a really fun process setting up our brand and store together, and bringing some of Blake's ideas from her Crazy Ideas book to life for you.

We work with fulfillment centres around the world to make your order on demand when you buy them to ensure we don’t waste any excess inventory.

We hope you like our designs as much as we have enjoyed bringing them to life for you. If you have feedback, good or bad, we are always looking for how we can improve, just like we do on the ice in practice or a game! Just drop us a DM on Instagram, Facebook, or use the Contact Us page to reach out.

Thanks for supporting us.


- Darryl and Blake